The 6th International Conference on Tourism Contemporary Approaches and Challenges of Tourism Sustainability will be held in Predeal, Romania.

Predeal is one of the most famous and oldest mountain tourist resorts in Romania. Situated in a breathtaking mountain scenery, Predeal is located at 147 km distance north from Bucharest, in the southern part of Brașov County.

Predeal is also the highest town in Romania (at an elevation of over 1,000 m). The resort is surrounded by Bucegi Mountains, Postăvaru Mountains and Piatra Mare Mountains, being a well-known tourist destination in Romania, especially in winter.

Predeal is an easy-to-reach destination, being crossed by one national railway (two hours train ride from Bucharest) and by two national roads (DN73A and DN1).

The conference will be held in a new building, arranged as a hotel, with well-equipped meeting space and around 33 rooms with all amenities. For information regarding accommodation in this building, please send an e-mail to adrian_ase_rei@yahoo.com

The majority of the participants will stay in this building.


If you do not want to stay in the above-mentioned building, you can have a mind the following accommodation options:

CASA ANA Verde: 6 minutes walking to Conference venue


Phone: +40744.813.233

Phone: +40766.270.792

E-mail: casa_ana_predeal@yahoo.com

 PENSIUNEA DRUMEȚUL – 7 minutes walking to Conference venue


Phone: +40735.232.076

E-mail: office@edystravel.ro, edy.edys@yahoo.com

PENSIUNEA REGINA – 7 minutes walking to Conference venue


Phone: +40722.462.050

E-mail: office@pensiunea-regina.ro

HOTEL NOBLESSE – 6 minutes walking to Conference venue


Phone: +40744.636.271

Phone: +40740.145.093

E-mail: office@hotelnoblesse.ro

HOTEL ROZMARIN – 25 minutes walking to Conference venue


Phone: +0268.512.638

Phone: +0368.822.401

Phone: +40740.096.863

E-mail: rezervari@hotelrozmarin.ro