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Online Porgram 

10.00 Hugues Séraphin, Marco Platania, Manuela Pilato

The place of heritage and identity in the marketing strategy of destinations: a worldwide approach Based on dmo logos and slogans

10.15 Olena Melikh

Ways attracting external streams of tourism in ukraine

10.30 Christian Richard Hell, Gabriela Cecilia Stanciulescu, Carsten Kirschner, Katrin Marquardt, Klaus Singer

Improving energy efficiency with the support of networks

10.45 Grazia Calabrò, Simone Vieri

Cultural and rural tourism: potential synergies for a new economic development pattern. The Italian case

11.00 Paul Sheeran, Manuela Pilato

Now you see it, now you don’t – is the duel commercial and tourism economy in venice unsustainable?

11.15 Gina Ionela Butnaru, Marilena Mironiuc, Maria Carmen Huian, Alina Petronela Haller

Analysis of economic growth in tourism under the impact of terrorism and of the waves of refugees

11.30 Mirela Stefanica, Gina Ionela Butnaru

Environmental performance – success factor in improving hotel business quality and ensuring a Sustainable future. Italy – a model of excellence

11.45 Katarzyna Jarosz

The attractiveness of cholpon ata resort and the museum of petroglyphs as a tourist destination

12.00 Katarzyna Jarosz

Motorcycle tourims in kyrgyzstan

12.15 Gabriela Carmen Pascariu, Bogdan-Constantin Ibanescu

Determinants and implications of the tourism multiplier effect in european economies.

Towards a core-periphery pattern?